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Brand partnerships are the ultimate way to have a successful career in streaming. You get to be sponsored by various brands financially while making way for a wider audience to discover you since your name is connected to them. If done right, the brand partnership is a win-win situation.

If you are a streamer, you may have wondered, “how do gaming sponsorships work?”. But before that, it’s best to know first how to get brands to notice you. Think of it as learning how to catch a big fish first and then learning how to make a scrumptious meal out of it.

Truth be told, partnerships have become a priority for most streamers. The good thing is that as the gaming industry continues to grow, more and more brands are becoming aware of how streamers can benefit them. It is safe to say that gaming sponsorships are more possible now more than ever.

However, there are if not millions, thousands of active streamers in the world. Yet, the number of brands that participate in esports is only starting to go up. So, how do you make brands agree to a partnership with you? How do you attract sponsors?

Worry no more because we’ll help you jump-start your career and get those stream sponsors knocking on your door.



Make a checklist of brands you want to partner with

The first and most important thing to do if you have a goal is to plan. You do not just do whatever you think of and expect to hit a goal. When it comes to gaming partnerships, it’s important for a streamer to know which brands he or she is willing to work with. 

Yes, you have the power to choose the brand that you will represent. It’s not only the brands that should have something to look for in a partner in this industry.

So, how do you do this? Simply list the brands you trust and dream to work with. It does not matter if the company is big as Apple or a start-up brand. 

Considering that you are a streamer and loves gaming, this should not be hard for you. For sure, you already have some brands in mind. However, do not limit your imagination inside a box, there are brands out there that are not gaming-related but might be waiting for your email. For example, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, a famous streamer who streams League of Legends, Fortnite, and Final Fantasy XI Online, had partnered with Adidas, Uber Eats, Red Bull, and many other brands outside the gaming industry.


Ninja x Adidas
© Adidas


Be part of a streaming platform’s partnership program

Unlike before, streaming platforms have been valuing their streamers and audiences more and more. There are a couple of platforms that offer streamer partnership programs. Once you are in, these programs can become a short bridge for you and a lot of brands. 

The streaming platforms themselves are fantastic brands to be partnered with, to start. However, they offer a lot more opportunities for deserving streamers.



Twitch’s Sponsorship Connection Services

The biggest streaming platform today is With 9.2 million monthly active streamers, the platform serves as a playground for brands to find people who they can sponsor. 

Actually, according to Mediakix, Twitch’s Partner Program has grown by 68% since 2017. How impressive is that? According to Twitch’s website, as a Twitch partner, you will be considered for special promotional opportunities such as Partner Spotlights, Meet & Greets, Partner Panels, Streamer Zones, and more.

Of course, Twitch has some qualifications for streamers to become a partner. Check out the Twitch Partner Program for a complete list of that. The good news? You can still make partnerships even if you are not a Twitch partner yet. Read more about it in our article entitled “Not A Twitch Partner Yet? You Can Still Make Money On Twitch! Thank us later!


© Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming Partner Program

Besides Twitch, Facebook has become a territory for a lot of streamers. As such, they came up with an impressive partnership program called Facebook Gaming. So, if you already have a decent following on the site, better check this list of criteria before it’s too late.

Once you are in the partner program, you gain access to amazing benefits such as paid ads and branded content.


Stream, and stream brilliant content

Think about this – why did Nike partner with Lebron? Because he’s Lebron. He plays ball, and he pulls in a following. The same thing goes for gaming partnerships. One major factor that brands look for is how effective a streamer is. 

So, be consistent in streaming, build your online persona, grow your community and attract these sponsorships proactively. As a matter of fact, we offer you a place to find sponsorship opportunities in our Creator Marketplace. Pretty straight forward huh?


Build not only an audience but a community

Another thing that brands look for in a streamer is how well a streamer interacts with people. Remember, who they choose will represent them. Of course, it is better if a streamer has built not only an audience but a community. Those two are very different things. An audience may be easy to get, but to have a group of people support and trust you as a gamer is much more, and that is what brands want. 


Mind your own business, by making your channel your business

If you are really dedicated to making a career in gaming, then treat it as a business. Once you’ve changed how you see your channel and treat it as a business rather than something just to play along with, success will follow.

This means that, like whatever business you might start off, every decision you make is important.


Get more viewers and supporters

This is a no-brainer, but we cannot emphasize enough how important getting the views flowing in your streams is. The main reason for brands to sponsor content is to be viewed by people, and with that, your view counts. 

A simple step in getting more views is playing viewable content. Give the audience what they like! We have a list of the top games you can stream, attracting more viewers and leading them to supporters.


Don’t be afraid to reach out to brands

There is nothing wrong with being the one to reach out first. You cannot just wait for brands to come up to you and offer a partnership! Who knows? A simple email can lead to one sponsorship, and another, and another, and another!


So, know your goals, take the necessary steps to build them, go out there, and take over the world of gaming! 


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