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master your own social media game

Building your digital marketing game is one thing, but applying it to your own stream, brand and channel is a whole other monster.

We teach you how the big league does their social media marketing, and how you can apply it to your own channel. From starting your core channel to growing your audience, analytics, dealing with trolls – we cover the A to Z of the core fundamentals of growing your stream online.

there’s more to social media than posting

How does your profile look?
Are you focusing on getting followers?

All of these questions and so little time. We get that, we’re gamers too.

Learn how to build a community around your stream. In this module, learn the steps to use social media as a tool to grow your brand, stream and audience. Get down to business by creating your first social media strategy and learn the basics of how to optimize your content to achieve your goals.

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Our Instructors are content creators with many years of industry experience under their belts. They've built their brands from the ground up, racking up sponsorships with multiple global companies over the years.


216,000+ (YouTube)



40,500+ (Twitch)

Elgato, Corsair and Xfinity Influencer


1,500,000+ (Twitch)

DreamSMP Member & GFuel Ambassador


640,000+ (TikTok)

Content Creator & TikToker

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