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Can I view your videos on web?

Not yet, but it is coming in 2021. You will be able to log in, and view our training modules on desktop. Currently, you can only view our videos on our mobile App.

How much does it cost?

Not a penny. We are in the progress of releasing our core modules, which are totally free to view. These modules are geared toward beginners.

When will premium videos be released?

We plan to release our premium modules in early 2021. These videos are geared toward intermediate/advanced users.

What social media channels do you integrate with?

Currently, we integrate with Facebook, Twitter and Twitch.

Do you have a Discord community?

Yes. Our Discord is for students of our Academy. We offer exclusive giveaways, workshops, tools and one-on-ones with pro creators so you can grow your brand as fast as possible.

I'm having issues with the app or watching videos, how can I troubleshoot or get help?

First, you can try uninstalling/re-installing or updating the app but if you are still having problems please reach out to and our team will be in touch to rectify ASAP.

Account Management

I've forgotten my password. How do I retrieve it?

If you’ve forgotten your password and are unable to log in. Please visit the login screen and click on Forgot Password? You will be sent an automated email to change your password.


Is gaming a sport?

Yes! Video gaming is a sport just like any other athletic sport. Just like the NFL, MLB, NBA or any other athletic sport, video gaming has evolved to include competitive gameplay, professional players, sponsorships and drafts.

In 2019, the electronic sports industry has gained an audience of 380 million active viewers of official tournaments held internationally.

The projected total audience size by 2021 is expected to hit 557 million active viewers, based on the 14% annual growth rate predicted by Newzoo. In comparison to Major League Baseball attendance of 70 million fans, esports is gaining widespread popularity due to the active participation of players, regular press and gaming media channels, and accessibility.


How do I make money streaming?

While there are many ways to make money online through video game streaming, the most popular are: mid-stream advertisements, sponsorships, endorsements of brands, fan donations, pay per view/subscriptions, affiliate programs, distribution of merchandise.

The most commone mediums for streaming online include Twitch, Instagram and Facebook Live.

How to monetize Twitch Channel? is a privately owned company that evolved the way viewers consume content online. Initially a channel where real-life members of the public could stream video recordings live to a mass audience; Twitch began monetization of their platform through it’s self-curated Twitch Partner Program.

Through the Twitch Partner Program, Partners can enable monetization methods including channel subscriptions, donations, and channel emotes.

Channel subscriptions are priced at $4.99, $9.99 and $24.99 or the Twitch Prime free subscription.

Donations are provided in the form of “bits” which act as a Cheer function within the platform. The bits are then converted into cash value that the partner can transfer to their personal bank accounts. Each “Bit” has a cash value of $0.01USD per Twitch Bit for partners, while the cost per “Bit” starts at 100 Bits for $1.40USD.

Other popular marketing methods that Twitch Partners can utilize for monetization include sponsorships, endorsements, brand placements, mid-stream advertisements, reward programs based on grouped progress, sales of product and services including merchandise and channel branded attire.

Non-partner monetization of Twitch is available in the form of affiliates. You can make money on Twitch without being required to be a Twitch Partner, however the cost is $5/month and the allocation of Channel Emotes is restricted to one. While there is a restriction in place, it is not uncommon for non-partners to successfully apply as an official Twitch Partner.

Note that in order to become a Twitch Partner, you will be required to apply via the Twitch Partner Application page. For those seeking to immediately become a Twitch Partner, the process can take up to 2-4 weeks to receive a response, while those who have completed the Path to Parner Achieve have expedited prioritization and can expect a reponse within 5-7 business days.

As part of GGWP Academy, we’ll guide you through gameplay and help you learn how to monetize twitch.

How to brand as a pro gamer?

Think your gameplay is on-par with elite players? Knowing how to brand yourself as a pro gramer requires three core elements: A large following, sponsorship and expertise of gameplay in one or more game titles.

Amassing a large following takes time, and is the precursor to gaining a sponsorship for many pro gamers. Starting a large following requires consistent engagement of an audience through gameplay while utilizing online marketing tactics and digital marketing strategies.

Not only is skill important to improve, but marketing yourself and gaining influence as a pro gamer to increase followers through Social Media, Referrals, Youtube Search Optimization and paid advertisement (usually at the cost of the aspiring professional gamer).

The ultimate validation of being a professional gamer, is to have a well known sponsor such as ROG (Republic of Gamers), NVIDIA or AMD for example.

What expertise do you have in pro gaming and esports?

Our expertise extends right up to our CEO. Every GGWP Academy employee is professional and a gamer at heart. We watch gameplays together and connect with the esports industry’s greatest influencers to build our systematic approach to building professional gamers in our network.

GGWP Academy is passionate about the esports industry ever since it’s conception, and we’re here to formalize the path to professional gaming in an accessible learning environment that is intuitive, education, competitive and fun.

We take our expertise as programmers, designers, marketers and gamers to build the first choice educational platform and content distribution network for developing professional gamers.

We provide leading edge content of the most up to date gameplays, new strategies, and educate the foundations for every player, regardless of skill level. Our expertise extends beyond training critical thinking, analysis and gameplay predictability.

We build pro gamers.

How do I get esports sponsors?

Getting esports sponsors can be achieved through outreach. You will need to have a substantial following (100,000 or greater is recommended) to have leverage to communicate and negotiate with potential sponsors. Remember, the goal of a sponsor is to see a positive impact on their brand in a measurable format, not just an increase in awareness.

Sponsors will consider the combination of the audience persona and volume (number of active followers) as their key metrics to consider when selecting a team or individual to represent their brand. With enough following, brands then consider the public perception as the third consideration before making their decision.

What does esports stand for?

Esports stands for “Electronic Sports”. Electronic Sports is the professional gameplay and competition in player vs. player (or team vs. team) online video games.

The term “esports” was coined in 1999 in a Press Release as referenced by the Online Gamers Association (OGA) founded in London. The OGA comprised of gamers, publishers, and developers that mutually bonded over the production and improvement of the online gaming experience.

Esports was not popularized until the early-to-mid 2010’s. While the term was coined in the late 90’s, international competitive gaming started in the arcades, with a company known as Twin Galaxies founded by American business entrepreneur and historian Walter Day in 1980.

In 1982, a company called Twin Galaxies was a recording-keeping organization that maintained the high-scores of gaming afficionados in the United States.

It is commonly cited that though Twin Galaxies was elementary, they pioneered competitive gaming, and sparked the beginnings of esports.

What is esports?

Esports is a multi-billion dollar competitive video game tournament industry. Generalized in to competitive leagues based on various video games, esports spawned from multiplayer online game titles including Dota, League of Legends, and Overwatch.

Formed in the early 2010’s, esports quickly became a international popculture sensation across United States, Australia, Europe and Asia. It became the platform for gamers to gain influence online, achieve endorsements and sponsorships and build a professional profile, as with any other major league sport.

Other similarities to major league sports including the trading of players, team formations, training, press and media, sponsorships, endorsements and a high impact following.

As an industry, esports has achieved Year on Year growth in awareness at alarming rates. In 2015, 800,000 viewers were identified, and within 12 months – 2016 saw over 1.1 billion viewers, a 1300% growth in viewership.

Unlike traditional sporting industries where rules, regulations and gameplay have been solidified for years, esports is constantly evolving thanks to the immediate feedback and game analysis which allowed game developers within the industry to enhance development of the existing games as well as new titles released.

What makes esports popular in the market, is the combination of accessible gameplay, initial learning curve, and options for viewership.

How to become a professional gamer?

Becoming a professional gamer can be guided through rigorous training with a coach, team lead or manager. Having external eyes to analyze your previous match live and in review will help you improve your gameplay beyond just the basic fundamentals and elementary strategies.

Many professional gamers will undergo 6-8 hours of daily experimentation of techniques as training, just like athletes. Competitive gaming becomes more than just a Sunday session with friends. The most successful instances of gamers turning pro is achieved when gaming becomes a full-time career complete with publicity managed by your team manager.

GGWP Academy is a platform to help you learn how to become a professional gamer by building your skill, technical strategies, team communications and prioritize critical steps you need to take in-game. We take tips and advice from active professional gamers to build the neccessary skills in-game and beyond to turn pro.

What does GGWP mean?

“GGWP” stands for “Good Game, Well Played.” This term is frequently used at the end of a match as an act of good electronic sportsmanship and manners (comparable to post-match tennis players shaking hands over the net).”GGWP” stemmed as the extension of “GG” which stands for “Good Game”.

The term “GGWP” was coined in a popular reddit forum. In contrast, “GGEZ” which stands for “Good Game, Easy” is the counterpart in reflection of bad manners post-game.

GGWP Academy endorses good sportsmanship and ethical practices of professional gamers, hence the inclusion of the abbreviation in our brand.