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Saucy Step One

Comfy underpants are a passion of yours. Nay, an obsession. Step One want to get in everyone’s pants through this campaign.

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TCL – Next Level TV

TCL are looking to swap social content

for promoting their new TV line. This campaign is open creatively.

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Powered Up

Loupedeck Live is the first contender to Elgato’s Stream Deck. We want to work with technically-minded creators to showcase its features.

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Powered Up Streaming


Product sponsorships contra

550 XP


Ready Set Stream


Sponsored social media content

550 XP


Hit Play For Sick Kids

Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation - SCHF

Sponsored social media content

1 XP


I had massive growth but couldn’t land my first brand deal.

“GGWP really helped me start monetising my channel. In less than a month I was able to get my first brand deal. ”

soleKEFS, Content Creator on Facebook Gaming


how high can you go?

When you win, we win. Check out some of the results we’ve helped produce in a few months.






+2 Deals/month






+2 Deals/month

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Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions.

Why should I use GGWP?

Because we created GGWP Academy specifically for a content creator like you. The one that wants to learn, wants to grow and wants information that gets to the point.

We’ve already had success helping content creators build from scratch and helping others already on their way take their content even further.

Is GGWP free to use?

We offer our beginner and advanced content and tools for free! We want to give everyone who’s just starting out the resources they need to create a solid base.

Can you tell me more about the brands that you work with?

We have a pipeline of roughly 20-30 brands across the Gaming, Beauty, Health, Fashion, Food and Beverage industries. This includes brands like Logitech, Casio, Cheezels, TCL, Loupedeck and Step One.

Does GGWP take a cut?

Yes, but this is fee is taken from brands not creators. This fee is typically 10%.

What's the relationship between creators, GGWP and brands?

GGWP has onboarded and will continue to onboard more brand partners into our Marketplace. For now, we’re hand-holding the relationships between creators and brands so they have a great experience. In future, the platform will enable creators and brands to work directly with each other so that everything is streamlined.