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In our recent article, we talked about how to make money by streaming on Twitch. You can read that article here after you read this one!

While most streamers consider Twitch as the OG and the best streaming platform, Facebook has continually been impressing gamers by making progress on how it caters to streamers. We can clearly say that the billion-dollar app is the place for all sorts of things.

For the past few years, Facebook has been developing a similar partnership program for gamers. This is great for those who are more comfortable with the Social Media giant, and already have a good amount of following. 

But the question is, is Facebook as stringent as Twitch to become a Partner? What does one have to do to qualify for the program? What’s in it for you as a streamer? We’ll be answering all those questions in this article.


Facebook Gaming Statistic You Should Know

There is no better way to start this article but to list down the facts. Before you dive into something, it’s best to know what’s in there. Let’s look at some Facebook gaming statistics you should know.


Massive Active Users

First, we’ll let you know how massive the number of users there are for the Facebook app. A data chart published by Statistica shows that there are roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2021. Active. Users. Incredible!


Hours Played Per Week

Facebook was proud to present in their newsletter the increasing number of hours gamers play per week. The data is separated into two categories – new players and existing players. It shows that since March 2020, gamers play between 9 to almost 14 hours per week, with new players playing more hours than existing players.

© Facebook Gaming

Women in Gaming

One exciting (and refreshing) thing we should look forward to Facebook gaming in the following months is an increase in the number of girl gamers. According to Facebook Gaming’s blog, there has been a 10% increase of girl gamers visiting gaming communities.

Moreover, they also shared that as of 2020, 47% of the world’s total gamers, and 48% of mobile gamers specifically are female.

Number of hours watched on Facebook Gaming

To show you how crazy people are for Facebook gaming, this chart from Statista indicates a major uptrend in the number of hours watched, with more than one million hours only for the first quarter of 2021.

© Statista 2021


Facebook Gaming Partner Salary

There is no specific data yet when we talk about a Facebook gaming partner’s salary. Primarily because there are a lot of factors that contribute to how much revenue a gamer can make each month. There are brand sponsorships, partnerships, tournaments, merch revenue, ads, and many others.

However, what we are sure about is that Facebook pays the creator $0.01 USD per Star. After all, gaming is a $120 billion industry, and for sure a large chunk of that goes to streamers.


Facebook’s Partnership Program 

For sure, the statistics we showed above impressed you, and your next question is this – how to be a Facebook Partner? As you already are eager to be one and start building your streaming empire, there are few things you need to know first.

Before anyone can qualify to be an actual Facebook gaming partner, there are two stages that one needs to pass – graduate from being a general gaming creator and join the Level Up Program, after which one needs to take his Master’s Degree and be an actual Facebook Gaming Partner. As the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day.


© Facebook Gaming


How to Qualify in Each Stage

You do not need to feel lost in your Facebook gaming partnership journey. We will tackle the criteria to meet each stage we mentioned above. 

Knowing where you are in the partnership ladder and assessing your streaming performance will guide you to take the necessary steps and actions to qualify for each step. So, hit that bookmark icon now and visit this article regularly to help yourself out!

General Gaming Creators

Try to look at this list:

  • Have you created your own page on Facebook? Did you convert it into a Gaming Page?
  • Were you able to set up your page by choosing any of these software encoders?
    • Streamlabs
    • OBS
    • XSplit
    • StreamElements
  • Have you went live and played a game of your choice?


If you were able to do all the things in the list above, then congratulations! You already are a Facebook Gaming Creator and are one step closer to being a Facebook Partner!

Level Up Creators

While the first stage was pretty easy, being a Level Up Creator just needs a bit more effort from you. Here’s a list of requirements to be one, as published on Facebook Gaming Page:

  1. Create a Gaming Video Creator Page that has been active for at least 14 days, with an admin who is 18 or older
  2. Have at least 100 followers on their Page
  3. Stream gaming content, with game tagged, for at least 4 hours across 2 of the preceding 14 days (only tag a game if you will be playing it, or it may impact your eligibility)


Hold up! Kindly note that this program is not available in every country. To check for your country’s eligibility, you can visit this site.


Here’s the catch – there are no specific qualifications to be a Partner. No exact number of followers, no exact amount of likes, none. At least, there’s nothing that Facebook shared with the public. 

However, Facebook states that criteria are based on engaged followers and monthly earnings, and creators can check their progress and verify partner eligibility criteria here.

Moreover, once you are in the Level Up Program, Facebook will put their eye on you and look for these:


  • Consistent performance with engaged followers and Stars received
  • Streams often and consistently tags the correct game for their live stream
  • Promotes positivity and an inclusive community
  • Plays fair and adheres to Community Standards
  • Adheres to Facebook’s Terms of Service and Partner Monetization Policies
  • Streams from an eligible country or region
  • Must be the legal age of majority where you reside


Privileges of Facebook Partners

While being a Partner is not easy, the privileges you gain can be overwhelming and worth every effort. This table quickly summarizes the benefits you have while being in each stage. You’ll notice that some privileges are already available for Level Up Program members and even General Content Creators.


Features All other Gaming Video Creators Level Up Creators Partners
1080p 60fps Live Streaming 🆇
Stars 🆇
Supporters 🆇
Subs Gifting 🆇 🆇
In-Stream Ads (Live)
In-Stream Ads (Was-Live)
In-Stream Ads (VOD)
Branded Content 🆇 🆇
Raids 🆇
Customized Support 🆇
Special Creator Events 🆇
Gaming Support (Any Issue) 🆇 🆇
Gaming Support (Relating to Gaming Page) 🆇
Creator Group Support 🆇
Early Acces to Features 🆇 🆇
Partner Badge 🆇 🆇
Community Gifting 🆇 🆇
Chatbots 🆇 Coming Soon


Facebook or Twitch?

One way we like to put it is this – not everyone who is not successful on Twitch cannot be successful on Facebook, and not everyone who is not successful on Facebook cannot be successful on Twitch. 

As streamers, you should not look at Facebook and Twitch as black and white. Both platforms, even if they propose different criteria and qualifications for their partner programs, are tools dedicated for streamers to show their talent and build both a community and a career. 

If you really need to choose one, think of where you see yourself 5 years from now. Which platform do you enjoy using as both an audience and a streamer? There really is no right answer to this, and the best way to go is just to try. Good luck and go live!

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