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CaptainPuffy, one of the top female content creators on Twitch and YouTube, joins GGWP Academy to teach creators how to achieve sustainable growth on Twitch. 

About CaptainPuffy

Meet Cara, aka Captain Puffy. Hailing from New York and embarking on her journey to the UK, Captain Puffy has engaged and entertained audiences online for almost 10 years through masterful storytelling and digital content.

Growing to a fanbase of 1.5 million followers across Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and other online platforms, she has become a thriving foundational member of the streaming community. Her journey began humbly but has grown into a story that many creators can learn from. 

Simply put, it all started with the love of the game, a pocket full of nerves and the desire to pave the path of a new career, in a new industry – with both feet forward.

Our Collaboration

In January 2022, Captain Puffy teamed up with GGWP Academy to share her journey, inspire others to join the race to professional streaming, all the while, giving you the essentials of streamlining a cohesive program that highlights the do’s and don’ts of getting started on Twitch.

We believe that inspiring new streamers, growing talent with the right tools, and creating a community are the three essential steps to uplifting our industry together, and making it not only possible, but in-demand for a professional streamer.

The career of a lifetime awaits you, and bringing clear direction in a not-so-straight-and-narrow path of a maturing industry is what this collaboration is all about, and we’re excited to showcase that with CaptainPuffy, for you.

The Secrets of CaptainPuffy’s Success

Within this training program taught by CaptainPuffy, we highlight in a clear direction what you need to know, what you should do, and how to overcome the first major steps in becoming a professional Twitch streamer.

1. The Captain Puffy Story

Get to know your trainer. Captain Puffy shares her journey with you, from minecrafting on a brick, to building a 1.5 million member following and becoming an international sensation. 

2. Get Discovered on Twitch

Getting discovered on Twitch starts from ground zero.

Setting up your stream channel happens way before your first live session and creating your stream assets like your bio, profile picture and cover photo matters, but that’s not all. Creating consistency for your branding, and perpetual momentum for viewers to become followers is vital for your career.

In this video, we’ll cover how to establish your footwork for the right settings and content needed, and also how to set up your first social funnel for growing your fanbase.

3. Building your Twitch community 

Building a Twitch can be nerve racking. There’s so much uncertainty with getting started, how audiences will react – but the reality is, there’s also so much opportunity to grow, and build a professional career with direct one-to-one engagement and moulding that into a community that supports you in your endeavours.

In this video, we’ll cover how to engage viewers and followers, establishing interests that highlight your persona, creating a rewarding experience for viewers and how to deal with trolls effectively.

4. Entertaining on Twitch

The secret to entertainment is to know your audience, your followers, your viewers, your people. 

Engaging them through your creations, whether that’s stream, digital content or gaming – it’s understanding that they are there to be entertained. It takes a spoonful of practice, and just by showing up, you’ll keep learning what keeps your followers coming back for more.

In this video, you’ll have easy to follow steps to creating brilliant ideas, streams, and concepts. All the while, building that muscle memory every professional streamer has.

5. Collaborative Growth on Twitch

This is the final piece of the puzzle – collaboration. Meta when you think about it right?

By the end of this course, you will have everything you need, and know the necessary steps for making every stream work for you. We’ll show you how to find fellow streamers, audience members, influencers and brands to collaborate with, then take that to the next level with your personal growth, engagement and entertainment.

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