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While our universe is ever-expanding into an infinite response of newfound light, the Metaverse is focused on arming creators, developers, and millions of people with new opportunities through innovating tangible technology for the future.


What this means for creators, is the ability to unlock a more immersive experience for audiences around the world, connecting every creator-to-audience network with a newfound joyful experience.


Whilst we’ve ventured back in time through innovation, with real-life hoverboards, iPads becoming more real than their StarTrek counterparts, to the fundamental idea that we could wirelessly transmit information – what stands to be true for us all is that we’ve seen natural decay in the timeline between innovative thinking, to real-world technology.


We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Metaversian things that creators should look forward to.


Augmented Reality

One key point in Meta’s one-hour-long video presentation for Metaverse is how huge gaming is and how it will shape metaverse. Zuckerberg talked about how gaming is the biggest industry so far since it provides many of the most immersive experiences. This makes Facebook meta for creators something to look forward to.


Gaming in the metaverse is going to span from immersive experiences in fantasy worlds, to bringing simple games into our everyday lives through holograms. 


Clearly, creators and streamers who play simpler games and those who stream fast-action video games both have a space saved in the metaverse.  Funny enough, the next clip shows us two old friends playing chess, one’s in New York and the other is in  Barcelona. We also had a peak of two players enjoying a game of ping pong!


This is the augmented reality that metaverse promises us. By using metaverse gadgets in the making, we’ll be able to look through the real world augmented with live visuals and graphics, and sound from another metaverse user, making the interaction more realistic than seeing them on our phone screens, no matter what games we play and what content we make. 


Virtual Reality

A lot of people use the terms augmented reality and virtual reality interchangeably, but they are very different from each other. Although both of them cause a change in how we see things around us by adding elements, virtual reality replaces everything we see and hear with something computer-generated. Simply put, virtual reality takes us to another world.


How will Facebook meta for creators make use of virtual reality? Let’s just say creators and their audience will have a whole lotta fun with it. Meta is already building more live-service games which aim to build-out active communities. 


Meta also gives us a sneak peek at metaverse virtual reality through the video walk-through. While standing in a totally different place, Zuckerberg instantly takes us into the ocean as he shows his surfing skills. If that will be possible in the future, imagine the kind of content creators can give, and where they can take their audience.


Gaming Implications

Metaverse has offered and will continue to offer a digitally immersive gaming experience. A few gaming developers already attempted to enter the metaverse, and we had a taste of the sweet sweet fruit of their labor. In-game features such as avatars, skin customization, hopping from your own digital world to that of another player’s – these are all just baby steps to Meta’s vision.


The recent trends in gaming try to blend in the digital and real life like in-game concerts, merch, VR boxes, and many more. All these changed how we look at gaming and how we stream as well. 


In the future, Meta’s goal is to replace most joysticks and keyboards with realistic live-service games. This shift will ultimately change the streaming patterns after 5 to ten years. Instead of audiences supporting their favorite streamers through chat, they can be with them at the moment. How awesome is that?


Learning Purposes

Immersion from a distance, with education as the goal, is one of the most beautiful and exciting metaversian things ever. How cool would it be to open up a textbook and see holograms of rare plants and even topographies come to life? How awesome is it to see the Pyramids of Egypt without having to fly abroad?


The most exciting of it all? Can you imagine putting on your meta headset and going back to the future?! These all seem like an adventure (as they are) but the idea of these being possible in ten years will make education more enjoyable, affordable, and better overall.


The Power of Networked Technology

If you’re holding a device that’s connected to the internet, then you are now part of an unlimited network of networked computers. Networked technology is our bridge to the whole world, and soon the metaverse.


What should we look forward to? Through the metaverse, we can finally be in the moment and not just watch our friends and families through tiny screens – all this is possible through networked technology. 


Among the most important concepts of the metaverse is interoperability. To make metaverse happen, we need to see fully functioning and diverse networks that can interact with each other.


Here are the rest of the concepts that Meta is working with to build more natural, vivid, and realistic social connections through metaverse:


  • Presence
  • Avatars
  • Home Space
  • Teleporting
  • Privacy and Safety
  • Virtual Goods
  • Natural Interfaces


Facebook meta for creators will soon launch Horizon. With this feature, we’ll be able to design, build, create and secure our own private bubbles. Moreso, places for working, gaming, and entertainment can also be created. 


A Single Language For Us All (human)

Instead of launching products that will make us devote most of our time to, Meta aims to develop technology and build products that help us to interact with people easily and more effectively. Metaverse is for everyone, and it will enable people from all around the globe to see each other despite the distance, to talk, to listen, and to understand. 


For creators, metaverse will eliminate all the hindrances you have in fully reaching out to your target audience. This digital future will serve as a single language for all humans connected to the internet. 


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