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Some people have a lot of ideas they want to share, a game they just found out, a recipe from their grandma, something they found on Walmart, a song they created, and the list goes on. It’s in our nature to share, to talk, and to show, and it’s also in our nature to watch and listen. 

In today’s technology, we can easily do those things in just a few clicks. Apps like Youtube make it so easy for us to watch whatever videos we want, and sometimes discover new content that will make us hooked.

Because of this, a lot of people have dedicated their lives to making Youtube content. And with the help of the app’s features and programs, making a career as a Youtuber has become profitable (even lucrative).

If you have a lot of video ideas, don’t let them go to waste. Here are the basics of how YouTubers make their money:


How Much Do YouTubers Earn?

How much a YouTuber earns will depend on a lot of things. The main determinant would be how someone maximizes their monetization options (which we will discuss one by one). But when it comes to earning from YouTube itself, the platform pays around $3 to $5 per 1,000 views, that’s according to clever girl finance. Kindly note that this is subject to tax regulations of wherever country you are residing.

Another factor that greatly affects the earning of each YouTuber is sponsorships. Of course, how much a brand is willing to pay a YouTuber depends on how popular he/she is.

That being said, YouTubers can earn from a couple of hundreds to thousands, even millions per month, depending on how active and popular they are.


The YouTube Partner Program

How does one gain the title of being a ‘YouTuber’? Well, we can’t think of a more proper way than being an official YouTube Partner via the platform’s Partner Program. 

According to Google’s support center (Google owns YouTube by the way), being a partner will enable you to make money in four ways. Let’s look at each one of them, shall we?


Advertising Revenue

The most profit-generating way (we call it profit because you will constantly invest time and money to produce valuable content) of earning money on YouTube is through Advertising Revenue via Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is the platform’s program for advertisers (in this case, YouTube creators) to earn by administering advertisements in their content.

Remember the small video clips that pop at the start or any part of a video that YouTube lets you skip (but maybe not always!) and can be annoying? That’s how your favorite YouTubers earn. 

Imagine, YouTube earned $19.77 billion in 2020, and of course, the content creators had their fair share. Well, more than fair actually. According to Investopedia, content creators get 55% out of the platform’s Ad Revenue.

So, as your channel grows and your videos get more and more views, ads will be placed into them more frequently, which in return, increases your earnings.


YouTube Premium Revenue

YouTube Premium gives a second revenue stream for content creators in addition to ads. How does this work? Well, it’s very simple: Like ads, YouTube gives you a share of what they earn from paid premium subscriptions. The amount would be based on how much your subscribers watch your content.


Channel Memberships

When you already have avid fans and subscribers, they have the option to be a member of your channel. This means they can have access to special and exclusive content and other perks you may offer as a creator. Like the above mentioned, your members would pay recurring monthly payments, in which YouTube will give a percentage to you.


Super Chat and Super Stickers

One way to interact with your audience in real-time is through live streams. But sometimes, thousands of viewers want to chat at the same time. That’s the dilemma for most audiences. That’s why YouTube introduced Super Chat and Super Stickers to enable viewers to stand out from the crowd. 

Of course, to use Super Chat and Stickers, viewers need to make a purchase. And with that purchase, you’ll earn a cut from YouTube. So, be sure to turn this feature on, especially if you often go live.


Merch Shelf

Another way for your supporters to show their love is by patronizing your merch. Fortunately, Youtube now offers a Merch Shelf for official YouTube Partners. Here, you can showcase your official branded merchandise and make sales without the hassle of setting up your own online shop.

As you can imagine, a YouTuber with a couple of thousands of views per video will definitely make a sustainable income through YPP. But first, to be a partner, you need a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months.


Additionally, to use the monetization tools we mentioned, you need to meet a few additional requirements:


Monetization Features


Ad Revenue

  • Have an Adsense Account set up
  • Be at least 18 years old, or have a legal guardian older than 18 years of age who can handle your payments via AdSense
  • Create content that meets YouTube’s advertiser-friendly content guidelines

Channel Memberships

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have more than 1,000 subscribers

Merch shelf

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have more than 10,000 subscribers

Super Chat & Super Stickers

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Live in a country/region where Super Chat is available

YouTube Premium revenue

  • Create content watched by a viewer who is a YouTube Premium subscriber


That being said, there’s more to YouTube than being a part of YPP, and other content creators will vouch for that. As long as there are brands who want to work with you, making money would be super easy, even if you are not a partner.

Depending on what kind of YouTube videos you upload, may it be about video games, fashion, makeup, or food, brands will come knocking on your door. So, be sure to stick to focus on your niche, develop a good amount of audience, and brands will be happier to pay you to get them featured.

Remember, more than the fame and the money, you should always keep in mind why you started your YouTube channel. As long as you keep it real, and as long as you stay consistent, the money and the following will follow. Good luck!


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