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You’ve had an idea for a video, a stream, or blog post that truly excites you. You sit down and put your soul into creating or executing it, to bring joy to your viewers or readers. You get a few hits but ultimately it doesn’t seem to take off. Why is this?

In the modern era, there is content coming in from every possible side at a breakneck pace, unrelenting. Good content, bad content, videos, streams, articles, blog posts, and more, are constantly being created and distributed. Unless you go instantly viral for some reason, your content may be buried rather rapidly. This is why you need to repurpose your content, reusing it for another purpose to continue its exposure.

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Why Is Content Repurposing Useful?

Unless the material within content you create is outdated, there is no reason why you can’t maintain your online presence by utilising old content. This isn’t to say that you should constantly repost older content in its original form but you should tweak it to the situation, the platform, and the audience. If done correctly you can generate additional views, create buzz around your content, and maximise your time and effort.

Ease of Creation

Due to already having created content in place, along with images, gameplay, video footage etc, it doesn’t take long to make something new, saving you time and effort while still maintaining a content presence. To see sustained growth, you will need to consistently be putting out new or revised content, which will hopefully draw people to check out your page, website, or channel.

You are going to have a lot of competition in your chosen sphere, that’s just the way it works. To stay ahead, you are going to want to have a steady stream of content to keep yourself in the eyes of your audience. Repurposing old content to fit new situations or multiple platforms can lead to higher engagement and a wider reach than if you posted it on a single website or page. With that being said, you should ensure that your repurposed content is created to a high-standard, otherwise you could possibly lose your intended audience.

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Larger Audience

Every social media platform is targeting a different audience, different demographics, and presents content in different ways. Individuals that frequent Instagram may not be the same as those who spend a lot of time on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and even Linkedin. Taking your content and tailoring the look and message to multiple platforms allows you to expand your reach and encourages more people to check out what you have to offer.

The more platforms you use, the larger your potential audience can be if you utilise those different social channels properly. With the sheer volume of content that the internet holds and the mountains of new content that is constantly being created, it’s not hard to understand why you need to maintain a presence. Have you ever logged onto one of your social media accounts and saw something you liked but the page refreshed, burying it forever?

That’s what the influx of content always looks like with the new covering up the old.

To maximise the reach of a particular piece, no matter what form it takes, you need to be pushing it the forefront. Sure you can just share the same link or video but you know what they say about insanity, right?

Varying the look will attract a wider range of people, which could garner you more clicks or watches, you create more content, and the cycle repeats.

Great For SEO

For those who are unaware, SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, which basically refers to how Google displays your content. Without getting into the technicality of SEO, repurposing your content allows you to utilise the same keywords, which gives Google more to work with, and can establish you as a reliable source of information. The key to SEO is that you cannot simply republish your content in the same format, word for word, requiring you to frame the same or similar content in a different light.

The Google search algorithms love new, high-quality content. So use them to your advantage.

How To Repurpose Your Content

We’ve discussed why you should be repurposing your content but you may be asking, how do I fit all the molds?

Short Video Content

If you’re a Twitch streamer, Mixer streamer, or just have a lot of gameplay handy, you can utilise short video snippets to get your potential audience excited about what you bring to the table. What’s your selling point? Are you a master of FPS games? Do you strategically outmanoeuvre all opponents while playing RTS games? Do you play anything and just let your personality shine through?

Put up a short video or GIF showing off a spectacular play, incredible victory, or you telling a really funny joke while streaming. You want to get people interested and driven to see what you’re all about. Some games including Mobile Legends, allow you to quickly export your highlights from a game as a gif to share amongst friends.


There are reviews for everything on the internet, from restaurants, cafes, books, experiences, and games. You may make them yourself and release them on platforms such as Youtube. Many people have created successful careers from their reviews with their honest, thought out opinions and/or entertaining delivery.

Say you have uploaded a review in video form, you can restructure that review as a written post or blog article outlining the main points and things you thought were spectacular or subpar. Written forms of videos can be fantastic for publishing on sites such as Linkedin and Twitter.

Find Questions, Provide Answers

You could seek out demand and find questions that a lot of people are asking, Reddit is good for this purpose as discussion is constantly ongoing. If you know what you’re talking about in that particular area, you could answer the question, and create a video about it. Depending on the question, you could even discuss it as part of your stream, if you believe your viewers would enjoy listening.


Podcasts are a fantastic form of content creation as people are able to listen to them while they are going about their business. This means your audience can digest what you have to say without stopping to watch or read something. Similar to transforming a review into a written article, you can turn anything from your videos or streams into a podcast, as long as there is enough content to talk about.

It could be weaving lore from your favourite games into a seamless story, week by week. You could chat with a group of friends or rotating guests about where you see the gaming industry going, how you feel about current trends and impending releases, or just to talk about games. Much like with all things content creation, you have to find your particular niche.

These are just a few ways you can attempt to repurpose your content but it’s really only limited by your imagination. Use Pinterest Boards to create fun little images, start social media threads/tags, or create roundup posts of some of your most popular guides and tutorials. Just make sure you keep up the flow of high-quality content.

After all, you put a lot of work into content creation, you want to ensure it reaches as many people as possible.


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