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Last updated: 06.09.2021

Everything you need to know about GGWP’s Influencer Score.

Please note that our Influencer XP is evolving and consistently improving. The Influencer Score will be updated regularly to match the users we have on the platform.


Influencer XP provides an insight into a creator’s growth online and in training – the higher the score, the more experienced and recognized (or influential) a creator is.


Why use an Influencer Score?

The Influencer XP helps us match creators with brands in order to protect both parties. More specifically, it helps us: 


  • Eliminate bad actors within the industry
  • Help users (particularly small and medium creators)
  • Legitimize the creator industry and the brands that come through into the ecosystem
  • Match creators and gigs more effectively


How can I gain Influencer XP?

Influencer XP is generated daily. XP can be earned through the following:

  • Training progress

    • Videos watched
    • Quizzes (rolling average)
      • Every time a quiz is taken, you have a chance to change your score. It takes the highest score (whether it was on the first or third attempt) and uses it to calculate your average.
      • We’ve done it this way, because every creator should have a working knowledge of our training before they are given access to our deals.   


  • Profile completion

    • Adding personal details such as handle, bio, location 
    • Connecting at least one social media channel on your profile
    • Creating at least one goal


  • Social (calculated per channel)

    • Followers
    • Engagement (this is an aggregate of your likes, comments, replies, shares and views)
    • Impressions


How will Influencer XP affect my chances of connecting with brands?

Your Influencer XP will be your key to accessing gigs. There are three types of gig tiers and each tier requires a minimum Influencer XP for a creator to be able to qualify for the gigs in those tiers. The higher your XP, the bigger the jobs you have access to.  


Minimum Influencer XP required for each tier:


Required Minimum Influencer XPs 







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