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When you talk about streaming, you can’t avoid talking about Twitch. With humble beginnings as just a gaming stream platform, it has expanded to become a premier streaming platform for artists & people looking to share their lives with the world. Twitch currently holds the highest market share of hours against the other streaming platforms and is growing in size every day. For anyone looking to start streaming, Twitch is a great place to start, but you’re new to this and are wondering how to set yourself up to stream on the platform. 

Create an account

Before you can dive into streaming you of course need to create your account. You should definitely start by reading and understanding The Twitch community guidelines so you understand what you are not allowed to do when streaming.

Now you’re ready to head over to Twitch and create your account. It’s a pretty simple process to start by clicking ‘sign up’ which is displayed as a big purple button in the top right of the screen. To complete the signup process you’ll need to pick a username, choose a password and enter your date of birth. You’ll also need to enter your email or phone number to verify your account.

There is one final thing you’ll need to do before streaming though. Twitch has a very hard rule that you must enable two-factor authentication (2FA) before you’re allowed to broadcast. They do this to ensure that accounts aren’t stolen and used to stream content that is against the community guidelines. You can enable this feature in the security settings on your account. If you’re still having trouble, Twitch has created a guide on how to enable 2FA

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Choose your broadcasting software

Now you’ve created your account and need to choose a broadcasting software that you will use with Twitch. You’ll want to choose something that’s easy to set up and works on any gaming PC. Thankfully, there are a few different options available to try out. The most popular options are OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS & XSplit and we recommend that you give each of them a go and find the one that works best for you.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming. OBS is very versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. It contains a lot of features that make it a great tool for recorded video or live streaming such as support for multiple sources, hotkeys, and themes. It’s also usable on Windows, Mac & Linux. Whether you’re looking to be a hardcore gaming streamer or just start casually, OBS studio is a great option. You can download OBS Studio for free at their website.

Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS is a powerful, user-friendly streaming tool that makes it easy to manage and broadcast your live streams. Designed with both novice and experienced users in mind, Streamlabs OBS makes it simple to fine-tune every aspect of your stream, from managing audio levels to configuring complex visual effects. Whether you’re an avid gamer looking to show off your skills or an aspiring YouTuber looking for a tool to help you create professional-quality content, Streamlabs OBS is the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their online streaming to the next level. So why wait? Get Streamlabs OBS today and start live streaming like a pro!


XSplit is another program that lets you live stream or execute a game capture on your computer. It’s popular among gamers who want to share their gaming experiences with friends or the wider world. It’s very easy to use and has a lot of features, which is why it’s become so popular. You can also use XSplit to record footage of your gameplay so that you can upload it as content on YouTube later. The software lets you add commentary, overlays, and other effects to your streams or recordings. If you’re a gamer who wants to share your skills with the world, XSplit is the perfect program for you.

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Pick the right equipment

If you are just starting out as a new Twitch streamer, you don’t need the fanciest and most expensive setup. However, there are a few key items you might need to buy to kickstart your new hobby.  What kind of content you plan to stream can decide for you what equipment you would need to invest in, so think first about the type of streamer you want to be before purchasing anything.


Even if you play to stream from your phone or a console, a decent headset is necessary to make sure your sound and voice come through clearly.  There is a large array of gaming style headsets that let you tweak your volume and voice settings to hit the perfect sound while you stream.  Depending on your aesthetic, you might also want a headset that has a specific look to complement your style.


Microphones are worth investing heavily in, to make sure your viewers can hear you clearly.  Muffled sound or bad pitch will turn your viewers off, so make sure your audio quality is crisp with a specially designed microphone.  Most gaming headsets have microphones built-in, but it can be worth investing in a stand-alone microphone to stream with.


Great lighting was the secret to looking your best before filters existed, and it can still help now.  Ring lights and other light rigs can make sure you are lit to the best effect to ensure your audience can see you and all your facial expressions – a key component to an interesting stream.


Reactions are some of the most interesting parts of streaming, and being able to capture them properly without lag or fuzziness will improve the quality of your stream, so it is worth investing in a camera to capture every expression. Depending on the type of streaming you will be doing, you may just use your phone for this, but for any gaming or similar streaming, a good camera is essential.

Optional extras

There are a few other items that you can invest in once you want to take your stream to the next level! A green screen will give you the ability to add a unique background to your webcam or remove it altogether. A capture card can also be used to let you stream console games via a computer or if you wish to create a dual computer setup. You can also invest in a stream deck which makes swapping scenes and changing games even easier when streaming with just a single click of a button.

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The final piece of the puzzle

We’ll assume you already have a PC, you’ve created your Twitch account, chosen your streaming software, gotten all the right hardware and have a good internet connection. You’ve connected your software to Twitch and you’re ready to go! But wait, what kind of content are you going to stream? If you take some time to browse popular streamers on the platform you’ll notice that they fall into three main categories.

Video games

By far the most popular thing to do on Twitch is stream video games. From MOBAs like League of Legends to first-person shooters like counterstrike, the variety of games being streamed on Twitch at any time is endless. If you want to go down this path we highly suggest that you start with the game you’re most passionate about. This will lead you to enjoy the game more and be a lot more engaging about the game with your audience.

Slice of life

Another very popular streaming option is to stream your life. This could be “just chatting”, where you only stream your webcam and spend the entire stream engaging with your viewership on various topics that either they or you want to speak about. It could also be taking your viewers on a journey to the gym with you through your phone and they get to watch you bench press that new best at 180lbs. 

Artsy or crafty

You’ll also find some streamers are artists who stream their work. Painting a picture over a period of streaming can be a very engaging experience for the right audience. Or maybe doing something with a bit more craft angle. Although much rarer than the other two, you can find streamers doing this on Twitch.

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