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Do you want to earn more money from your stream? 


If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been streaming for quite some time now. You’ve already invested time, effort, and money into your stream to improve it. You get a couple of views here and there. You have subscribers and a couple of loyal fans. Heck, you’re probably already earning a couple of hundred bucks every month from your stream. 

And you’re enjoying it. You enjoy every moment you’re in front of the camera, playing your favorite games while interacting with the friends and fans you made online. You love how. You can do something you enjoy, and you’re actually getting paid for it. 

Now you’re thinking of quitting your full-time job and doing this full-time. You’ve seen how much some streamers make (spoiler alert: it’s a boatload of loot!), and you think to yourself, “heck, I can do that too!” 


Earn more money from streaming with these 5 tips
Earn more money from streaming and make it your full-time job with these 5 strategies.

That’s why you came looking for answers on what you can do to earn more money from your stream and make this your full-time job, not just a passion project. 

Well lucky for you, we have 5 ways you can do to earn more money from your stream! 


Bring more people to the party

The number one thing you need to focus on to earn more money from your stream is getting more viewers. 

Increasing your average number of viewers per stream opens a lot of doors for you to earn more. For one, you can get more donations and tips from viewers. Then, streaming platforms will place more ads on your channel – giving you more ad revenue. You can also improve the traffic on your affiliate links. Plus, the more viewers you have, the more businesses will want to sponsor you.

Let’s face it, the platforms, the advertisers, and the sponsors don’t care about your content. They only care about how many eyeballs you can generate. The more you bring, the better! 

So how can you do this? 

The best way is to make your stream stand out from everyone else’s so viewers would be interested to watch your content. That starts with taking your streams to the next level, then promoting the heck out of it.   


Create a cult-like following

The number of eyeballs on your stream is not the most important thing if we’re being transparent. Yes, the platform, the advertisers, and the sponsors love it and they’ll pay you good money for it. But remember: they’re not your only source of income and you can’t focus on pleasing them all the time. 

Another way to earn more money from your stream is by increasing the number of loyal subscribers. As Kevin Kelly of Wired Magazine said, “You only need a thousand true fans to make a living.” 

His idea was if you’re a creator, you only need 1,000 true fans who would sell everything you create. To put it into perspective, if you had a thousand loyal subscribers who pay $24.99 a month, that already gives you almost $300,000 a year. And if you can sell some merch and some other one-off perks to them, you can surely earn more money from your stream. 

But creating a thousand true fans is one of the most challenging parts of being a streamer. It’s honestly not as easy as getting thousands of people to watch your stream regularly. 

Building a loyal fanbase requires you to build a strong relationship with your audience. Then, you’ll have to give them a lot of value for them to give you their hard-earned money consistently. 


Share better affiliate links

Affiliate links can be lucrative for you since you don’t need to put a lot of effort and investment towards them. You can just leave it there and it would generate passive income for you to collect. 

However, if you want to earn more money from your stream, you’d have to put in a little work toward your affiliate links. Help these products generate more interest and purchases by convincing your audience that it’s worth buying. 

It all starts with looking for better products to promote on your page and streams. Then, you’ll have to start talking about these products on your stream more often – better if your audience sees you using them all the time. Once you’re able to generate a lot of traffic and sales for those products, you can approach these brands and ask for a better affiliate commission.  


Diversify your assets

If you’re truly committed to earn more money from your stream and making it your full-time job, you’ll have to diversify so you can reach more people, get more deals, and earn more from ads. 

Diversifying means going on various platforms and building your presence there, so you can reach people who are loyal to those streaming services. For instance, if you’re already getting good traction on your Twitch and you’re only streaming thrice a week, you can split the remaining two days to grow your Facebook & YouTube streams as well. 

By being present on multiple channels and not just one, you can access the perks and income all these channels provide. Which isn’t a bad thing after all. 

Another way to diversify is to go beyond streaming. Instead of just relying on live streams, you might want to create additional evergreen content and highlight reels to post on different platforms. This way, you can earn passive income from the content you’ve created. 


Offer coaching services

If you’re known in your space as a great player, offering one-on-one coaching can be another way to earn more money from your stream. Surely, you have fans who would love to take their skills to the next level and would want to play with you – and even get featured on your stream. 

You can take these fans as your padawans and train them to become as good as you – and earn decent money from it. 



Because we appreciate you and want you to succeed, we’re giving you one more idea on how you can earn more money from your stream. 


Upload your highlights on

Did you know that there’s a new platform for gamers? It’s like TikTok for your highlight reels. The best part? You can earn from every upload and reaction you get on the platform. 

Here’s how it works. is a platform that rewards both gamers and viewers for their actions. By uploading your clips and getting reactions from viewers, you can earn their token $FCD. Then, you can exchange this token on crypto exchanges and earn more money from your stream.

You can learn more about it at:


We hope you can use these ideas to earn more money from your stream and turn it into a full-time job you enjoy! If you need any more help, you can get a lot of professional resources on our website. 

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