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When it comes to building an audience and extending your reach, your unique personality is one of the greatest tools in your arsenal. Given the huge amount of content created every single day and the competitive nature of the market, your personality is going to be a large contributor to growing your channel.


Why Use Personality-Driven Content?

Before we get into the how of the matter, we have to answer one important question; what is personality-driven content and why is it important?

In a nutshell, personality-driven content can be in the form of videos, articles, streams, etc, that make use of your individual traits and personality. Whether it’s focusing on a particular aspect of your personality and heightening it or just being genuine and who you are normally, infusing your content with your character can draw in viewers/readers.

Your personality doesn’t have to be reserved for whenever you are on screen, talking, or in public view, as you can imbue humor, genuineness, and dry wit into every aspect of your channel, blog, or website. As long as it isn’t forced, wildly tactless, and flows with what you’re talking about or playing, you can draw in an audience within whom it resonates.

But why should you create and use personality-driven content? In a nutshell, you’re trying to encourage others to view your streams, read your posts, and watch your videos. This is a time investment and you have to make it worth their while. In the same way that brands add personality and a specific tone to their social pages and marketing to encourage customers/visitors, your personality-driven content should make people want to check out what you do.


Create a Persona

When streaming or creating videos, a good option can be to create a persona, an aspect of your character that is perceived by your audience. You may be the king or queen of dad jokes, have a dry humor that would give a run for your audience’s money, or have a seductive voice ideal for the storybook retelling of lore. Find the key parts of your personality you think will enhance your videos, posts, or streams, and use that quality consistently within your content.

When creating a persona, it’s important to note that people may still want to see who you are as a person. It isn’t hard to tell if someone is acting like themselves, putting on a character, or completely faking who they are, something which can bolster or hinder your platform. The same can be said for focusing on a single personality trait to a ridiculous extent. Not only could it potentially alienate a wider audience, but it can also come as a shock to people when you aren’t in that overinflated persona.

The easiest way to think about it is by referring to your own group of friends or colleagues and those you tend to be closer with or gravitate towards. There is a reason those people are your friends; they may have an amazing sense of humor, be great conversationalists, have an incredible passion for things that you find inspiring, etc. Creating a persona and using your personality to your advantage works in the same way, you are trying to get people to want to spend time with you or watching your videos/streams.


Get Social

Social media is a wonderful tool, it’s able to connect you with millions of people of multiple cultural backgrounds with relative ease. It also allows you to promote your content or just banter with your followers and potential followers, letting your personality shine. Social media posts and interactions are a form of content creation, especially if you’re crafting engaging, informative, or humorous posts/threads. Social media works wonders for getting your personality out into the aether as posts tend to be shorter and punchier, as well as allowing you to engage with multiple demographics in a swift fashion.



Showing that you’re passionate about what you’re creating can be an incredibly effective way to grow your channels and your audience. It’s very hard to fake passion and can be inspiring to those who’re watching or reading. It shows that you’re not just content creating for the money, fame, and assorted perks, you’re doing it because you love everything about it. Your passion can be as specific or as broad as you like. You could love story and lore-rich games such as The Elder Scrolls, games that drive your competitive spirit, ones that focus on mind-bending, world-building, or just games in general. If you’re passionate about what you are creating, your personality will shine, and your audience will have little choice but to get passionate as well.


Pair The Game With Your Personality

Are you a little goofy? Do you claim to be iron-given-form when it comes to horror games? Do you like putting ridiculous mods in your games and enjoying the carnage and chaos? No matter what your tastes are, there’s a wide selection of games for you to embrace. We are all gamers and whether we like to admit it or not, the games we enjoy playing mold our personalities just as much as we exert influence on the worlds they reside in.

A good way to drive up growth with personality-driven content is to play games that showcase the very best of your character. Your quirkiness, your tendency to make jokes right before a jumpscare, your incredible skill at FPS shooters or RPGs or RTS games. In a two-birds-one-stone fashion, you’re not only creating content you enjoy, but your audience can also get to see and know who you are as a person.


Consistency Is Key

When attempting to draw in or maintain an audience, you want them to become invested and/or entertained by what you have to say or do. If you’re constantly changing the aspects of your personality on stream or in your videos, it can be off-putting for your audience. It’s important to maintain a consistent presence, message, and for that matter, schedule, which will help you grow. Loyal fans and potential new ones will come to your channel, stream, or site expecting to see and hear the person they have become accustomed and attached to.

It’s also important to maintain consistency across all your platforms and social media accounts which is why many influencers, streamers, and organizations may have multiple accounts – one for their on-screen persona/brand, and the other for their personal use. This is to aid in maintaining the goal/message of your channel, keeps it in the realm of gaming, and allows your followers and other people to easily find and access relevant posts and content.

There are approximately 7.7 billion people in the world, each and every one of them holding a certain set of traits, skills, loves, and experiences that forge them into who they are, forge you into who you are. Your personality is one of your strongest assets as you strive to stand out from the pack and grow your audience. It is paramount you highlight the best parts of your personality in everything you do, to entertain, inform, and engage your potential audience. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new content creator, a fledgling creator, or a veteran, your personality is one of your best weapons.

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