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Electronic Arts is a leading publisher of games on Console, PC, and Mobile. They were looking for a creative solution to launch their new game in the Australia and New Zealand regions.



Electronic Arts just released their new game, Knockout City – a fast-paced multiplayer game featuring dodgeball mechanics, and they were looking for assistance to help launch their new game into the market. They were looking for as many eyeballs on their product as possible in a short time span. 

Knockout City


Their Challenge 

In order to introduce their new game Knockout City into the gaming ecosystem, Electronic Arts needed a creative campaign and talent to reach thousands of potential players across the Australian and New Zealand region. They were looking specifically for creators across multiple platforms, with a minimum reach of 10,000.   



Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter 



We developed a campaign that played with the generations of old trans-Tasman rivalry, putting Australia and New Zealand head to head. This campaign was headlined by our team captains Twitch and TikTok star Naysy for Australia and comedian Jimi Jackson for New Zealand. Each team was then filled out by some amazing up-and-comers. 



Final Results  

  • Creators generated 73k+ views and >100k impressions 
  • 6 creators generated almost 40 pieces of content across TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch in under 8 days.  

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