2-DAY WORKSHOP: 10th-11th december

Life skills your kids
will be excited to
develop, with gaming.

Ever wanted to stream like Ninja, get signed to an esports team or produce YouTube videos for a large audience? Our workshops will help you to build the foundation for your gaming driven career, while gaining transferable life skills.

95 million gamers are trying to become influencers.

We’re constantly told that the hardest thing to do is start. Imagine being handed everything you needed to overcome ever obstacle, on a platter. That’s why we created a masterclass that provides gamers with everything they need to start:

  • A Personal Brand
  • A Social Media Strategy
  • Digital Literacy Skills 
  • An Introduction to Goal Setting
  • A Content Schedule 
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What you will learn

Personal Branding 

  • Deciding who you are online 
  • Understanding your audience 
  • Building your personal branding assets

Master Your Mindset

  • Building confidence and setting goals
  • How to communicate professionally with brands
  • How to use social media and events to network

Build Your Career Path

  • What career paths are available 
  • How to pivot from one career path to another 

Social Media Marketing

  • Understanding social media channels
  • How to advertise your brand on social media 
  • Creating social media assets and content planning

Digital Literacy

  • Using technology to communicate online 
  • Managing your online identity 
  • Creating online content 

Content Ideation

  • Understanding different ideation techniques 
  • How to identify content opportunities 
  • Use creative tools and techniques to generate great ideas


  • Teamwork with diverse people and effective communication.

We’ve been there, done that. Now we’re passing the baton.

Over two decades in the industry, plus tried and true processes, systems and tips.

Sure, you can navigate this journey on your own, but our experience is here and available for you. We want you to learn from our mistakes so you don’t lose the same amount of time, or miss any opportunities. 

This is what makes our Masterclass unlike any other program out there. We give you the tools to succeed, from the most successful content creators.

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My son (17) recently completed your online school holiday workshop. I was so impressed with the content – it’s exactly what I have been looking for as an educator.

This workshop has been a game-changer. Amazing teachers. For me, it’s the social media planning and branding that have taken me to the taken me to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child have to be to particpate?

We have children anywhere from 10-18 participating in our workshops. Our content is designed to be easily digestible by all ages.

What happens after the workshop?

We have developed a strong support system after each workshop. Your child can continue their journey through our Discord, where they can have one-on-ones with other content creators.

Are these student workshops taken online or in-person?

These workshops are currently held online with one of our facilitators.

Does my child have to be streaming already?

Not at all! Our workshops are designed specifically for beginners – those that have just started or looking to start.

Does my child need any gear to get started?

Students only need to bring themselves, a laptop, headset and an open-mind to our workshops.

How long is each session?

Each session consists of either a full-day in-person program or two, two hour sessions online via Zoom.

Join 3,000+ students making gaming a full-time career.