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Got a sponsorship deal with GGWP Academy


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Got a sponsorship deal with PUSHAS


Got a sponsorship deal with HYPRCARRY


Got a sponsorship deal with
EA Games


Got a sponsorship deal with
GGWP Academy


Got a sponsorship deal with


Got a sponsorship deal with


Our latest gigs

EA Games is looking to launch a new FPS game. They’re currently taking expressions of interests for creators on Twitch, YouTube and TikTok.

PDP Gaming is looking for content creators to give free peripherals to in return for video and social content with content creators. This includes headsets and controllers.

Warner Music are looking for creators to provide access to their exclusive gaming playlist on stream as background music. Warner Music will promote streamers on Spotify.


Democratizing the creator industry.

For most of us, finding sponsorships is really, really, hard. Our mission is to make it easier for creators and brands to interact and build sustainable relationships.

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“I used to spend so much time cold emailing brands, but now I’ve landed the biggest deal of my career”.

@Jonzzy | TikTok and Twitch Streamer

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Umm…isn’t this too good to be true?

Yeah…we get that a lot. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions.

Is this service free?

Currently, the service is free as we build up our community of content creators. In future we’ll introduce a fairly-priced subscription model to support ongoing development of the platform. The pricing would be something easily covered by locking in sponsorships.

Can you tell me more about the brands you work with?

We currently have a pipeline of about 5-10 brands across Gaming, Beauty, Health, Fashion, Food and Beverage industries. We are always adding to this portfolio. We work with Snack Brands Australia, Electronic Arts, Razer, Logitech, Blue and many more!

What campagins can I be part of?

Most campaigns will be digital marketing campaigns including things like contra, sponsored games codes and full game launch promotion. No matter where you’re at in your content creator journey, there’ll be a campaign to get started with so you can build your portfolio.

What does contra mean?

Contra means free product in return for services. For example, this could be receiving a free peripheral like a controller or microphone in exchange for unboxing, review or social posts.

How do you match creators with brands?

Creators can view campaign briefs, decide if brands resonate with them and their community before hitting apply. For brands, it starts with a pitch. All creators have a pitch video that brands can see to get a feel for their style, personality and community. From there, brands will be able to view your basic stats and platforms to see how they fit with their campaigns.

Have another question?

We’re always up for a chat. Flick us an email at and one of our team members will get back to you.

We’re building this platform for creator success.

GGWP Academy is backed and advised by leaders and innovators in the creator industry.

Guy “Yug” Blomberg

Guy “Yug” Blomberg has been working in the gaming industry for over 20 years. Previously the Global Gaming Content Director for PAX (USA & Australia).

Rebecca Longawa

Rebecca is regarded as a maven in the esports industry. She helps pro esports teams monetize their organizations through brand partnership and growth strategies.

Mat Jessep

Mat is a lawyer and athlete manager with 10 years experience advising creators and organisations in operations and brand sponsorships.

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I used to spend so much time cold emailing brands, since joining I’ve landed the biggest deal of my career.


Prior to GGWP, I hadn’t even had a discussion around sponsorships and I didn’t know where to start. They gave me my first sponsored deal.


Since the very first interaction, I knew there was something special. We’ve now secured my first ever brand deal.


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