Social Media Management
Take a first look at social media as a tool to grow your brand, stream and audience. This module is designed as a beginner course to social media management for gamers who want to start streaming or begin a career as an esports athlete.

Personal Branding
Welcome to the GGWP Academy beginner module on Personal Branding. In this module, you will begin to learn about the various aspects that combine to make your personal brand and help you start to think about how you will build yours!

Goal Setting
Our Goal setting Module will help you make structured goals that are achievable, trackable and useful to your content creator aspirations. You should be able to; - Set realistic goals - Learn how to track them - Clearly state what your goals are

Beginner Stream Setup
Getting ready to start streaming? This module will outline the necessary items required to get going! Please ensure you check out the supplementary information surrounding these videos to find out more about gaming equipment selection.

Online Footprint & Image
Learn what impact your online actions have to the way that people perceive you and your brand. This is a beginner module that introduces you to PR, public image and how to cultivate a positive perception.

Tips, Tricks & Tools
Tips, tricks and tools will assist you in finding the easiest programs and platforms to use in the beginning of your streaming. Learn which platforms will help you maximise from the get go.

Choosing the right collaborator can make a world of difference between a flop or a win. In this module, you''ll begin to learn how to assemble and organise a collaborative relationship with communication and creativity.