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GGWP Academy is a zero to hero platform for aspiring creators. Our platform helps gamers to kickstart their monetisation in content creation, end-to-end. From Branding to Social Media Management, learn how to build your online presence and get discovered, no matter where you’re starting from. No guesswork, just progress.


Succeed as a Creator

Get the “know-how”

Join our community of streamers and content creators on Discord, where you can find best practice training created from the minds of successful content creators on our platform.

Build your profile

Each influencer gets their own profile, which integrates with all their statistics from their social channels. Brands can view these profiles and hire them.

Paid sponsorships

Get discovered by Brands no matter where you are in your journey. Our campaigns are tiered to suit the stage that you’re at. Get shortlisted and hired directly from our platform.

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A community focused masterclass.

Our trails range from beginner to advanced. Learn from experienced content creators, with a mix of live and recorded videos to ensure there’s a good mix of discussion and peer learning. Weekly releases of exclusive interviews, case studies and insights about getting hired, growth and community building.

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Stream Tech

What are the best tools and tech combinations to make your stream as scalable as possible.


Set your brand up for a win and learn how to create a strong brand that sponsors can’t resist.


Turn 10 viewers into 100 and become a master of engagment and community management.


Build your online profile, then send it straight to brands

First impressions count. That’s why your LinkedIn profile always shows your best qualities. Your Influencer Profile is no different. Create a sharable profile that has all the insights that a brand needs to hire you. Use our platform to see where you stand, globally, and connect directly with brands.

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Turn your audience in to a business.

As you start training, your score will increase and you’ll be able to forge your identity and increase your reputation from up-and-comer to seasoned pro.

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Our goal is to create a product that gamer’s love to use everyday. This is why we’re constantly working with creators to improve the Academy experience. This is what our users think.

GGWP Academy helped me to set up my branding and refine my content. This led to my first sponsorship.


A much needed App. Full of valuable information. I never run out of knowledge.


This helps me to learn faster and gave me a good base to start with. This helps me to avoid typical mistakes.


Try this app to find help with any topic that you need to grow. Great to use when you need professional advice.


This is such a great tool.I knew that I was on the right path from the get-go.


This education will save streamers the same time I wasted through trial and error. Now I can find opportunities.


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