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Understand, share and improve the numbers that matter to you.

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A multi-channel presence in one click

Your portfolio, all in one place.

Stop wrangling metrics in multiple places, start focusing on improving. Connect everything from Twitch to TikTok to create your portfolio for brands to see.

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Better analytics, to put you back in control.

We’re more than just pretty charts and tables. With one glance you can easily see what you can improve on, and where you’re sitting against other creators globally.

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No more manual reporting.

Automatically pull in results straight from your channels without the fuss and hassle of having to dig around and create reports manually.

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Key features

A dashboard of key metrics

Get a full overview of your performance accross several channels from a detailed and helpful dashboard. The best thing? These metrics have been validated by brands.

Email digests

Get an overview of each week’s performance straight to your inbox, with actionable insights that you can use to improve tomorrow.

All your favourites in one place

Monitor multiple social media channels from Twitter and Facebook to Twitch and Tiktok all in a single dashboard. You can view aggregated data or data for individual channels.

Engagement benchmarks

Always know where you stand in the grand scheme of things, so you can strive to improve and grow as a creator.

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