Your shortcut to monetising a career in gaming.

GGWP Academy works like a library, but we offer more than just knowledge. Our platform helps gamers to kickstart their monetization and engagement in content creation, end-to-end. From Branding to Social Media Management, learn to monetize your audience, no matter where you’re starting from. No trial and error necessary.

Live Streamer

If you’re looking to start, or been streaming to an audience of less than 20 people. This pathway will help you to grow your audience and develop your brand so that you can start to monetize your fanbase

Esports Athlete

Aspiring esports athletes work hard on their in-game strategy, communications and results but we can teach you how to get noticed by teams, navigate team signings, level up your health and build a sustainable career. Welcome to the business of esports.

Recorded Creator

With an increasing number of gamer’s popping up on YouTube, getting discovered is harder than ever, but we’ll teach you how to create, edit and market yourself on the world’s biggest content platform.

A library of bite-sized videos, from the Pros


Lay the foundation for your career by setting and tracking your goals. An important first step in any new endeavor.

Personal Branding

Set you brand up for a win and learn how to create a strong stream brand that sponsors can’t resist.

Social Marketing

If you and your stream are the product, social media is your distribution. Learn to amplify your content and turn your stream into a growth machine. 

Audience Engagement

Turn 10 viewers into 100 and become a master of engagement and community management.

Stream Tech

What’s the best tools and tech combinations to make your stream as scalable as possible.

Brand Sponsorship

Leverage your audience and learn how to communicate with brands to negotiate the best deals for you and your community. 

Build your online profile, then send it straight to brands.

First impressions count. That’s why your LinkedIn profile always shows your best qualities. Your Influencer Profile should be no different. Use our platform to connect with brands, and create a sharable profile that has all the insights that a brand needs to hire you. See where you stand, globally, against some of the best.

Track your performance in real-time 🤘

Keep your eyes on the prize – big or small. Easily, set up SMART goals for your brand. Be it followers, views or partnerships and automatically track your performance, as you grow.

Rise through the ranks, and get noticed.

Upon first joining us, you will be Rank Bronze. As you start your training, your score will increase and you’ll be able to forge your identity and increase your reputation as an up-and-comer to connect with more brands.

Hear from
our tribe 🔥


Content Creator

The effect that GGWP Academy has had on my channel growth has been extremely significant. This month was my best performing month to date and it wouldn’t be possible without their social media marketing training.


Twitch Streamer

In just a month, my channel has gained over 1000 new followers. It’s more growth than I’ve seen in a long time. 


Twitch Streamer

This is so unique. It triggered me to think about what I could have done as a beginner. I can’t wait to get my hands on the full product


Content Creator

When I first started streaming, I knew I wanted to build a community, but I had no idea where to start. My first year of streaming was spent trying to achieve these goals through trial and error. The education that GGWP provides will save streamers the same time I wasted through trial and error. 


Mr. Jubin Dom
Managing Director

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Mr. Jubin Dom
Managing Director

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Taking “hands-on” to a whole new level.

We connect gamers looking to go full-time with experienced creators and industry experts to guide them through the process. Share your wins, your experiences, and let’s grow together.

Join the Community

Discussion Forum

Connect with your peers and our experts to swap notes and best practices. Our server is invite-only, and we chime in to share helpful resources and upcoming Masterclasses


Exclusive tools to help you build your stream

This is the ‘backbone’ of our forum: a directory of 100+ processes, guides, checklists and other content to help you master your stream. This content is built by Experts who have worked with hundreds of content creators and esports teams over the past 10 years 

Weekly workshops and content

Each week we host a masterclass that dives deep into a topic that will help you drive results for your channels. Members vote on topics for upcoming Masterclasses